Equality Commitment

On an annual basis we undertake a number of benchmarking activities where we are able to measure our commitment to equality against a set performance framework.

These benchmarking exercises are as follows:


The Workplace Equality Index is Britain's leading tool for employers to measure their efforts to tackle discrimination and create inclusive workplaces for lesbian, gay and bisexual employees. In the 2014 index, Leicestershire Police came 29th. Leicestershire Police has also been named as the number one police force in England in Stonewall’s 2014 top 100 gay friendly employer’s list.

Opportunity Now and Race for Opportunity

Opportunity Now and Race for Opportunity run yearly combined race and gender benchmarks. They are diversity assessment tools which provide participants with sector specific performance data, constructive feedback and organisation specific action plans. Both public and private organisations are invited to participate. On 6th November it was announced that Leicestershire Police had achieved a place in the top 10 public sector organisations for both race and gender diversity.

Business Forum on Disability

The Disability Standard is a benchmarking tool for disability. In 2012 Leicestershire Police come in the top 10 (7th) employers within the private and public sector in recognition of the commitment demonstrated to disability equality in a number of key business areas.

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