Communications and Public Engagement Directorate

Effective communication is essential to the provision of a professional policing service. Police officers and staff of all ranks must be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, partner agencies and members of the public if they are to fulfil their roles to the high standards we expect.

As a high-profile public service, Leicestershire Police has an organisational responsibility to ensure that our staff, our partners and our communities know what we are doing, why we are doing it and how. The Communications and Public Engagement Directorate exists to help ensure the Force fulfils this responsibility.

The Directorate is divided into three areas of responsibility: the Media Services, Digital Media Services and Behaviour Change and Communications.

Media Services

The Media Services Team deals with enquiries from local, regional and national journalists and provides 24-hour press officer cover in the event of a major or critical incident.

As well as witness appeals for incidents ranging from burglaries to murders, the team utilises the skills of its small team of Media Relations Officers to make the public aware of local policing successes and issues.

The Media Services Team is available in the office between 8am and 5pm, from Monday to Friday, on:

Media enquiries outside office hours should be directed to the Control Room Inspector on 101 who will contact the on-call Media Relations Officer.

Behaviour Change and Communications

The Behaviour Change and Communications team, under the leadership of the Head of Behaviour Change and Communications, helps devise and action a range of public relations activities that support the achievement of corporate and operational goals.

The Behaviour Change and Communications team also provides advice and support to senior officers and managers on how to communicate effectively with staff within the organisation. The team is responsible for producing a number of key police publications and for building relationships with the communities.

Digital Media Services

The Digital Media Services team design, maintain and develop the Force website to ensure up-to-date information is relayed on the website and maintaining high quality and attractive content for the site.

The Digital Media Services team is comprised of professional web designers who work closely with colleagues in Information Technology to ensure the Force website is kept up-to-the-minute and effective as a communication tool.

The Digital Media Services team also manages the Force's social media networks alongside video and photography and strive to work on bringing creative content to the public. The team also works with the IT Department to ensure the intranet site remains one of the police’s key internal communication tools.

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