Association of Muslim Police

The Association of Muslim Police have represented Muslim staff’s views both internally and externally, within strategic and policy arenas and liaisons with local communities and partners. The Association of Muslim Police is made up of an Executive Committee and a collective membership of both police officers and police staff. The Association of Muslim Police is supported nationally by the National Association of Muslim Police, which consists of Executive Committee members of The Association of Muslim Police’s from Police forces within the UK.


Information and advice

On an annual basis The Association of Muslim Police launches a campaign to share information and advice regarding the Holy month of Ramadhan (fasting month) and the significance of the two days of celebration in the Islamic calendar the two ‘Eids’.

The Association of Muslim Police has been working both internally with Senior Officers and externally with Muslim communities in relation to operational issues.


The Association of Muslim Police has worked with the Force and their members to better understand Islam and improve the level of knowledge within the organisation, thus better meeting the needs of Muslim communities in Leicester.

Understanding their spiritual, religious and varied cultural needs, how they coexist in society and the impact this has on an individuals life. Through greater understanding the Force can deliver policing to the communities it serves and better cater for the needs of its staff, enabling them to reach their potential.

Welfare and support

The Association of Muslim Police offers its members support in relation to disciplinary, personal, religious, cultural and welfare needs.

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