Questions and Answers

What is Blueprint and why is it needed?

Between 2010 and 2015, Leicestershire Police found savings of over £30 million. Although we were initially concerned that we might have to make further savings of up to £28 million by 2020, additional national funding provided through the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review has reduced this figure to around £500,000. This latest figure could well increase, depending on future demands on the force and we are constantly revising the Blueprint programme to try and help us to stay ahead of the game. Targeting our efforts on new ways of policing, including using new and emerging technologies, will help us to make the best use of the resources we have available.

Will the public see a change to the service they receive from the police?

Yes. We believe the changes are positive as we will have more officers and PCSOs on duty and are developing new ways that the public can contact us. Examples of this include using digital witness statements, which mean the public can provide a secure online signature to their statements from a place of their choosing; ‘Track my Crime’ which enables victims to report and follow the progress of crimes they have reported to us. Also, providing additional technology to our officers is enabling them to remain in the community while they send their reports in, instead of having to return to the station to file them.

Will you stop turning up to some crimes?

Our first priority has always been to respond to anyone who needs our urgent help. That will not change. Although other crime areas are increasing, including counter terrorism, fraud and child sexual exploitation and need significant support from us, we will continue to prioritise calls to identify those that need our immediate attendance and those where we can make an appointment for a mutually convenient time. We will also continue to use the Blueprint programme to investigate ways we can respond to the public in a way that is more convenient to them and helps us to improve our policing services.

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