Five areas of focus

Blueprint is broken down into five main themes. Each one has projects underneath it which are being looked at in more detail. As ideas and opportunities present themselves, each one is developed, investigated thoroughly and the benefits understood.


name People

Investing in people is the most important of the five themes.

This work stream is about having the right people with the right skills, developing the right culture and defining the correct shape and size of the force for the future.

name Enabling

The force wants to open up new ways of reporting and tracking crime and keeping up to date with their investigation. This can only be done by investing in technology and using online services more effectively such as video, portals, apps, websites and social media.

name Demand

To make the service more efficient the force needs to look at its existing tools and data and make sure they are being used effectively to understand the hidden demands on the force. We want to make sure that we are in the right place at the right time.

name Partnerships

By working closely with partners, other forces and other blue light services, it is possible to understand how better to deliver a joint service and how it will help the force to deliver more efficient operations, making better use of shared data. All these complex opportunities are being explored.

name Services, functions and processes

This is looking at all of the policies and supporting services processes, such as office functions and team tasks that will help the force to reduce costs and duplication, share resources and operate more efficiently.

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