A new era of policing

Blueprint 2020 is a five year programme which will redesign police services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Following the Comprehensive Spending Review in November 2015, the financial challenge facing the police service is less severe than anticipated, however, forces do still need to save money and modernise to ensure they can deal effectively with modern challenges such as cyber-crime, child sexual exploitation and counter terrorism.

Blueprint 2020 is looking at how future savings could be made and how services can be delivered more efficiently so that Leicestershire Police can become smarter in how it operates.

To make savings, the force is looking to do things differently and improve the way it operates, while still offering a service that is responsive to the needs of local communities. Prevention will remain at the heart of policing and the Blueprint 2020 programme will look closely at all aspects of the organisation to identify potential transformations that can be made to design a service that is fit for the future.

Blueprint 2020 has five key themes and is looking at a range of ways to save money through the equipment we use, the fleet and our buildings. However, since 83% of the force’s budget is spent on salaries it will inevitably need to operate with fewer officer and staff posts. It will also identify new opportunities created by the growing use of technology and digital channels, including reporting and tracking crime online and contacting officers.

Before any decisions are made, the force wants to capture the opinions and ideas of its staff, its partners and its communities. During the coming months, we will ask a wide range of organisations and communities about their views to understand the best way forward.

Whether at events, face-to-face or through social media the force will ask you how services should be changed to meet new demands. It wants to understand what the most important services are to partners and communities to understand how best the savings can be met. The force also wants to make sure it is fit for the future and continues to offer an excellent service.

Through Blueprint 2020, the force will make sure:

Due to the large savings that the force will need to make, the transformational programme will inevitably bring some difficult decisions. This is also about doing things differently and improving the way that the force operates to offer an effective service that is responsive to the needs of local communities.

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