Managing the information technology and communications infrastructure for the Force

The Information Systems and Communications Departments deliver and support the computer systems, telephony, radio and data networks that underpin the day-to-day business of the Force.

This is delivered through four business areas, Communications, Information Systems, Support and Systems Administration.

The Communications team are responsible for radio (Airwave), telephony, and the installation of data networking; this includes permanent installations between headquarters and local policing units and temporary installations to support events at various locations including Donington Park.

The information technology and communications requirements for new sites and large office moves are also project managed by this department.

The Support team provides a service desk to assist police officers and staff in the use of the technology and to resolve any problems that arise.

This team is also responsible for the installation, upgrade and support of personal computers, printers, scanners and other peripherals and the connection of equipment to the data network along with second and some third line application support. They also provide administration and financial services to the department.

The Information Systems team is responsible for the acquisition and implementation of new systems to support business areas such as the management of incidents, the recording and investigation of crime, intelligence, the investigation of major incidents and, of course, all the usual back office functions such as human resources, accounting and payroll.

This team are also responsible for resolving any third line support issues.

The Systems Administration team works with the business and information systems teams to specify new developments and updates in information technology and with the support team to ensure that all systems are correctly configured and tested to meet the business objectives and quality needs of the organization. They share responsibility for first and second line support with the Support Team.

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