Tackling serious crime in Leicestershire

The Crime and Intelligence Directorate (CAID) is made up of a number of departments. These are:

• Safeguarding
• Investigations
• Criminal Justice
• Forensic Services

CAID includes the 4 Referral Desks, which are points for other agencies whom liaise with the Force about vulnerable adults, children, or victims of domestic abuse. They are also where officers who come across vulnerable individuals can get support and advice.

The Serious Crime department deals with investigations and Safeguarding matters and include the following:

CAID is responsible for the Force’s participation in the Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements. These are arrangements with probation, prisons and some other agencies to manage violent offenders and sex offenders once they leave custody.

Investigative Services includes the traditional Criminal Investigation Departments, who deal with serious acquisitive crime, and serious violent crime. Major Crime is dealt with by a team from the five forces of the East Midlands.

Forensic Services provide the scientific support for crime investigations. This includes taking fingerprints and evidence from scenes of crime, carrying out laboratory tests, and linking evidence to individuals on various databases. The service is jointly managed with that of Northamptonshire Police.

Criminal Justice handles much of the work in taking cases to court. It runs custody suites, prepares files for the Crown Prosecution Service, issues firearms licenses, issues penalty notices for traffic offences, and runs identity procedures for witnesses to identify offenders.

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